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Plant Care Basics

Plant Care Basics

Plant care basics refers to the essential knowledge and practices needed to maintain healthy plants, including watering, lighting, fertilizing, and pest control.

Growing and propagation

Propagation & Growing Tips

Discover propagation techniques and plant growth tips for indoor gardening, helping you expand your collection and nurture thriving, vibrant houseplants.

pests and diseases

Pests & Diseases

Safeguard your indoor plants from pests and diseases with our expert guidance on prevention, identification, and treatment for a healthy, flourishing garden.

plant care by room

Plant Care By Rooms

Discover tailored plant care advice for every room in your home, ensuring a harmonious balance between aesthetics, function, and your plants’ needs.

Plant Decor Display

Plant Decor & Display

Elevate your indoor plant decor with creative display ideas, stylish planters, and inspiring arrangements for a lush, vibrant, and inviting living space.

Our Team

Asfia Muntaha

Asfia Muntaha

Founder & Author

Asfia Muntaha, a passionate plantsman and founder of MyIndoorFlora.com, has a deep-rooted love for indoor plants. A medical doctor by profession, she combines her expertise in health and wellness with her love for gardening, inspiring people to create beautiful, thriving spaces that promote well-being. Asfia’s dedication to plant care and nurturing guides her writing, sharing her vast knowledge to help others cultivate their own green havens.

Risalat Bari

Risalat Bari

Chief Editor

Risalat Bari, a zoophilist and ardent plant lover, serves as the chief editor at MyIndoorFlora.com. As an electrical and electronics engineer by profession, Risalat brings a unique perspective to the world of indoor plants. His keen eye for detail and passion for all living things make him an invaluable contributor to the site. Risalat ensures that every piece of content is both informative and engaging, helping readers create lush indoor gardens and connect with the natural world.

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